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Detox Day 1: Spring Reset, Reboot, Reconnect

With the turn of each season, I always like to give my mind, body, and spirit a chance to come back into alignment. This time usually affords me much needed balance, and clarity. As I embrace stillness it gives me the opportunity to clear out the mental clutter, improve diet, recommit to exercise, revisit skin care regimens, and maintain spiritual growth.


Intimacy = In To Me See

Sometimes we seek answers to questions, despite the fact we may know the answer. We ask seeking validation, clarity,  or maybe we don’t want to make the wrong decision. Oftentimes the silence responds, and you see clearly the answers are standing right in front of your face and you realize some things are better off left unsaid. With no expectations, I am grateful for the little things, reconnecting to self, and I love my flowers. KiKi


Almond Crusted Salmon With Parsnip, And Red Anjou Puree

Day 14 of the Master Cleanse, and I have so much energy that it still baffles me. It is a contemplative, and peaceful existence when one can be still, and listen to the inner workings of their own divine spiritual self.  It was gray for most of the morning, and afternoon, the clouds converged, yet did not purge. The air outside was still stale, lingering with the indecisiveness of yesterday, surely it will rain soon. I on the other hand prepared to write in my journal on the long ride home. I challenge myself to write, and reveal, all that is held within the hidden depths. Hadn’t I had enough time to mourn? Yet, the page, white, remained unmarred as my mind shifted, contemplating between salmon, or haddock, salmon, or haddock? I couldn’t eat it, I had no desire for its flesh, but it didn’t stop me from questioning its meaning.  Once I decided on salmon, I closed the book, and decided just as the clouds to ponder on the loss a little while longer, …


Day 10-11 Master Cleanse/Detox 10 More To Go: Shopping & Update

21 Day Master Cleanse: for balance, clarity, and wellness. It has been 11 days since I started the Master Cleanse/ Lemon detox Cleanse, and I have never felt better. I work, run errands, and I don’t feel the least bit fatigued. I have energy, and absolutely no food cravings, although while in Trader Joe’s today I saw some Turkey Jerky. I thought hmmm when this is over maybe someday I’ll be back for you. Wouldn’t you know by the time I got to the register my son had slipped it in with my other items, so yeah. He’s sitting beside me enjoying himself.  I went to the store this evening to get some more items , as I was starting to run low. So I purchased lemons (which were beautiful by the way) coconut oil (for oil pulling), Himalayan sea salt (gargling, and sole), and some more herbal teas. This time I added ginger, and white tea & pomegranate (simply because I tire quickly of the of the same items)  Yesterday was day 10, and I was …


Day 9 Master Cleanse/Detox: And Natural Toothpaste

While cleansing it is not recommended to brush teeth with regular toothpaste, as it contains ingredients not desirable for the body while cleansing. I purchase a natural toothpaste from the health food store in preparation for the cleanse, but today decided to make one of my own. I liked it, and will incorporate it with my routine. My son also used it, and although he liked it, he stated it tasted salty since he’s not used to the taste of baking soda. How: 1-1/2 Baking soda2 tsp Virgin coconut oil 6 drops of peppermint essential oil Update: I am still drinking, and gargling with the sole every morning as well as oil pulling. The sole really does help me to have more energy throughout the day, and I can see why the salt flush is essential with the Master Cleanse, although I do feel my body can tolerate it more now that I have switched to the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, and I only drink 8oz of it. I have not suffered, and headaches, I …


Day 8 Master Cleanse/Detox: Saving Something For You

One of my biggest gifts and curses is that I talk a lot. Although most people find me quiet and reserved, that is until I find a sweet spot where I’m comfortable enough to share more of myself. I like to explore the depths of my emotions, and my random thoughts, and that cannot always be done in a public forum, or unleashed on a mate, or friends. You know how men may decompress after work with a beer, television, or head straight for the bathroom with a paper, or magazine while women decompress by talking. I have learned to decompress with my journal first, and by the time I’m done the eagerness to spill it all without thought is gone. I also learned everything cannot, or shouldn’t expressed, just because it’s something we feel at the moment, so instead journaling has become a cathartic way for me to purge, explore, and understand my deeper emotions as I express them on paper. Besides, there is something about holding a pen in between my fingers as …