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Curry Srouted Tofu & Kale Wraps, Blood Orange Melange

Curry Sprouted Tofu, Sweet Potato & Kale Wraps

Easy Curry Sprouted Tofu dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Good carbs, and healthy fats keeps you fuller longer, and full of energy.


Chopped Salads Revisited

Last weekend I went to the Olive Garden, and one of the things that struck me was the large bowl of salad they bring to the table. Once on my plate, I couldn’t help but notice the rather large pieces of lettuce and other vegetables and I didn’t want to take the time to cut my salad into smaller pieces. It reminded me how when I’m in the city shopping, my niece and I have made it a point to frequent a deli with a huge chopped salad bar.  I love the size of the salads, and combinations these types of salad bars have to offer. For me it’s just easier to eat chopped pieces, and maybe even aids in easier digestion as the pieces are smaller. Now I know eating at one of these bars can quickly add-on the calories with the choices of sauces, and other ingredients, and I always try to stay mindful of that. One of my favorite salads is a fusion of flavors. It consist of  massaged kale, spinach,  arugula, falafel, chickpeas, tahini, …


Broiled Salmon with Blueberry Pomegranate Basil Vinaigrette Sauce

As I was preparing this post I was simultaneously listening to a rouxbe webinar featuring Chef Matt Haley who by the way received the James Beard Humanitarian Award for 2014. I have never been so inspired by someone, and stand in awe of his accomplishments and journey. After battling crack addiction, he was able to not only move forward and continue to build his businesses, but he effortlessly continues to give of himself through his philanthropic efforts. Chef Haley also never attended a formal culinary school, but learned by working with other Chefs, reading and learning the craft on his own.For the home, self-taught, or mom taught cook such as myself  it inspires me to continue doing what I love, especially when it’s appreciated. I have always felt helping others means helping yourself and not because you are looking for something in return, but because that is how the law of reciprocity works.  My plan was to grill this piece of salmon, but I broiled it instead. It takes only about 5-10 minutes depending on the size and thickness. I …


Grilled Mushroom-Rosemary Burger With English Truffle Cheddar

Despite the Polar Vortex bringing snow, rain, and a complete mess to New York, I am resolved to dream only of Spring. I cannot wait to peruse the outdoor farmers markets, pick flowers, and grill. Oh how I cannot wait to grill. I was going to make stuffed mushrooms, as a snack, but, then I thought why stuff these beautiful portobello mushrooms when I can marinade, and grill them? Although they are smaller than the larger portobello caps usually used for burgers, these were simple, flavorful, and quick to prepare.  Just as quick as I made them, is how quickly they disappeared. I remember when I first went gluten free there were companies putting just about anything on the market, and most of it was tasteless, dry, brittle, or too heavy. I purchased one bread from a company that literally could have been used as a weapon. When I first tried Udi’s brand, I thought o.k. now we’re talking. The fact that the texture was soft was enough for me, and tasting good is a …