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Curry Srouted Tofu & Kale Wraps, Blood Orange Melange

Curry Sprouted Tofu, Sweet Potato & Kale Wraps

Easy Curry Sprouted Tofu dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Good carbs, and healthy fats keeps you fuller longer, and full of energy.


Chopped Salads Revisited

Last weekend I went to the Olive Garden, and one of the things that struck me was the large bowl of salad they bring to the table. Once on my plate, I couldn’t help but notice the rather large pieces of lettuce and other vegetables and I didn’t want to take the time to cut my salad into smaller pieces. It reminded me how when I’m in the city shopping, my niece and I have made it a point to frequent a deli with a huge chopped salad bar.  I love the size of the salads, and combinations these types of salad bars have to offer. For me it’s just easier to eat chopped pieces, and maybe even aids in easier digestion as the pieces are smaller. Now I know eating at one of these bars can quickly add-on the calories with the choices of sauces, and other ingredients, and I always try to stay mindful of that. One of my favorite salads is a fusion of flavors. It consist of  massaged kale, spinach,  arugula, falafel, chickpeas, tahini, …


Smoked Paprika Kale Chips

  I have rare moments when I actually want a chip, and my favorite is of course the potato chip and I prefer the blue kind. Next would be sweet potato chips followed by corn chips and again i prefer the blue kind.  Lastly, I realized I am in love with kale, and kale chips. So easy to make, and you can literally eat about two cups dwindled down to one cup. They are super easy to make and really don’t need a recipe. I used a bag of kale from Trader Joe’s 1-tbsp of olive oil to coated eat leaf Sprinkled some sea salt and placed on a cookie sheet spread out I placed the oven on warm, and let them dry out over night sprinkle with seasonings. I am a huge fan of smoked paprika, it is sweet, tangy, and has a little kick. Kiki Advertisements