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chocolate Smoothie Bowl, raw cacao, ceylon cinnomon, silken soy, wild blueberries

Silken Raw Cacao Smoothie Bowl

Full of energy- boosting superfoods. The blend of healthy carbs, protein, and raw organic Cacao is a great way to start the day.


Market Haul: Protein

I had a full weekend. It was full of ups, downs, a myriad of emotions which were laced with tears, and a downright laughable outburst. Ladies understand what time it is. Although I was quite miserable, I got through it like a trooper. I had plans to attend an event Saturday evening but

Blood Orange Mélange Smoothie

An antioxidant rich protein smoothie. Full of vitamin c, and potassium. This may be my favorite by far, it’s the first time, I really didn’t want to share it.

Market Haul: Trader Joe’s, wild blueberries, organic bananas, organic barlett pears, Power greens, spinach blend, asparagus, red onion, shallots, mushroom, jalepeno, garlic, artichokes, sweet potatoes, sprouted tofu, hummus, black beans, chickpeas

Market Haul: Trader Joe’s- Plant-Based

Restocking The Plant-Based Kitchen.

Breakfast Sprouted Tofu Scramble, sweet potato hash, kale, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes

Tofu Scramble With Kale, and Sweet Potato Hash

Easy plant-based, protein rich breakfast. Good carbs, and healthy fats keeps you full, with loads of energy.

Trader Joe's, Market Haul : Reds, Oranges, sweetestnovmber

Market Haul: Trader Joe’s

I wish I lived closer to a Whole Foods Market, and the train ride just isn’t worth the trip.  However, I am thankful for the Trader Joe’s which is in walking distance from me. Really besides a market for organic berries, Target for spices and frozen berries,  I usually frequent Trader Joe’s because it’s quality, organic, and vey affordable. Dishes To Make: Greens for breakfast bowls, smoothies, smoothie bowls, salads, soup, Quinoa salad, Tofu scrambles with sundried tomatoes, and peepers, Baked tofu, Sweet potato hash, herbed asparagus, Herbed sweet potato, edamame salad, Gluten-Free granola, Blood orange smoothie, chia pudding. When I shop I do keep the colors of foods in mind. I try to make sure i’m getting  a little of all the colors in the spectrum. Restock are things I buy often, the splurges are things I buy which were not on my shopping list. Honestly it wasn’t until I got back home, that I grouped them into colors, it’s pretty cool if you think about it. Red, Oranges Restock:  Red quinoa, heirloom tomatoes, tart cherries, eggplant, mini …